Are you really that ignorant?

I have no idea who might've done it.

Are you younger than Spudboy?

I won't abide critiques.

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Betsy looked at the calendar on his desk.

Once I had the chance to visit Paris.

Uri won't be able to do everything Murthy asked him to do.

I don't see Pieter anymore.

Choose a word.


He got out his guitar after dinner and played some beautiful Spanish ballads for us.

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The secret of influencing people lies not so much in being a good talker as in being a good listener.

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Do you know somebody who passed the last year's exam?

Mr Johnson is a rich man.

He is studying history at the university.

Talk of the wolf and behold his skin.

Je fais la programmation en PHP.

It's just not enough.

When it started raining, Ned's hair dye ran down her forehead.

He wants no kind of flowers.

Don't believe him who speaks nice words, but him who speaks simply the truth.

He felt the most heavenly joy that he had experienced since birth.

My plan is to buy a car.

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You want to be lawyers.

He's a specialist in economics.

I am not a philologist.

We'll meet some time soon.

Who wrote that?


You shouldn't drink on an empty stomach.

Matthias can't take less.

"Why did the chicken cross the road?" is a very well-known English riddle, to which there are a multiplicity of answers.

I want all the information about the situation you can gather.

My mother doesn't like watching TV.


I only have 24 hours left to decide.

Light the lantern so we can see.

Santa didn't reply to Rudy's letter.

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Welcome to this brand new week!

Youth adapt to things more quickly than the elderly.

She has narrow hips.

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Why don't you go somewhere?

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Let's eat out for a change.

He took great pains in educating his children.

If the plug gets dirty, wipe it off with a dry cloth before insertion.

Aimee has forgotten her umbrella in some bus.

"Are you a teacher?" "So I am."


Claudia confessed to stealing the jewelry.

Tatoeba is the slowest site.

You aren't like the other kids.

Stop screaming in my ears.

Did you really do this all by yourself?

We'll help in any way we can.

Someone must find a way to stop inflation.


I was raised in Tokyo.

She had never dreamed of meeting him abroad.

Cats are often run over by moving vehicles.

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This corporation is a political puppet.

Galaxies are islands separated by enormous distances.

Have you thought about what time of year you want to get married?

Isn't life wonderful?

I remember seeing him somewhere.


Why do I even care?


Just wait there.


I don't want her here.

Not a candle to God, nor a poker to the Devil.

I know Tao is different.


Give this copy to her.

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Luckily nobody died.

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There goes my good pair of jeans!

I planned it very well.

Polly is brilliant.

I really am very busy, Nancy.

She quickly realized there was something wrong with that car.

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She believes Lynnette.

We forgave you.

Hon started to frantically tidy up his apartment after his mother rang to say she was coming around.


If he succeeds, Americans will lose credibility.


Norma waited even longer than I did.

In the long run, we can save a lot of money by buying this machine.

She stole a lot of money from him.


That was hard to believe.

This book is easy to read.

It is painful for me to see the name of the traitor among other names in the same sentence.

I wish I had the will power to stop eating junk food.

Floria is in better shape than me.


The scenery was too beautiful for words.

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Surya brews his own beer.

Mr. Yoshida knows French History very well.

Is it a joke?

I work at the embassy.

Avery wanted Dion to introduce him to all her friends.

His behavior troubles us.

I don't need advice from anyone.


I don't think we should be talking about this right now.

It looks like it's going to be sunny.

The students assisted the professor in the investigation.


I'll end up by going crazy.

My English is incorrect.

I hope not.

There's a bus stop right in front of my house.

Narendra might've been there.

But I never had you.

He talked about her illness.

It's not time.

This is a very important point.

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I feel really good now.

What kind of a funeral do you want?

Mr Suzuki persuaded his son to drop his plan to study abroad.

It looks like those two have gotten back together.

It never occurred to me that my words would hurt her feelings.

Let's bypass the protection circuit.

I can lend you some money if you like.

Add the sugar and cinnamon to the cooked apples.

There was a seal in the water and on the shore.


Was Juri in on it?

Do you hate poor childen?!

I ate light.

You have to unpack your luggage for customs inspection.

Marcel is going to do that.


I haven't got five bucks.

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The noise came from somewhere in there.

I don't want to be made a cat's paw.

Casper is just stalling.


This is for Scotland, not for Sparta.

Your handwriting is practically illegible.

Since her parents are Japanese, Rainer usually speaks Japanese at home.

I need to come home.

Tell Galen he should go back to Boston.

His friend is an ex-Senator.

A camel is to the desert what a ship is to the sea.

I live in Boston.

The weather is almost always hot.

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Irving spent a year in Boston.

It took me about an hour to read this book through.

In my work, I sometimes simply determine an area with a tape measure.


I forgot to tell you where I live.

Today I just feel like staying at home and doing nothing.

It was Jason who gave me the painting hung on the chimney.

What sports do you like?

They're the right ones.

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It was her fault.

Did you wait for her?

Vern couldn't tell whether Uri dyed her hair or not.

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The magazine comes out once a week.

Let me tell you what the big idea is.

I thought Kemal might be upset.


The chair is too low for me.

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The scientist made a significant discovery.

I could pick you up on my way to work.

She needed you.


I parted with my old car, though I hated to do so.

He's two years older than I am.

Where's the pan lid?

Did they take the wrong bus again?

She beckoned me to come in.

We definitely need to hire more people.

Adrian gave us everything we needed.

I sometimes take a shower in the morning.

I have got some money.


All our attempts were in vain.

The most popular game in the world is made by Swedes.

Nanda often talks to himself when he's alone.